Make Our Online Auction a Success

Membership dues and ticket sales cover only a portion of our costs for soloists, instrumentalists, administrative fees and a robust and educational rehearsal schedule that includes professional section leaders.

We have been using Charity Buzz for the last two years as a source of significant income.

The success of our Charity Buzz Auctions is based on two factors:      


·      The generous donations from our members and friends

·      The far-reaching Charity Buzz subscriber base (many winning bids have come from those outside of the New York area)


We will conduct our next Charity Buzz auction in early April.

Please consider making a donation or asking a friend or family member to do so.

Charity Buzz’s minimum value per item is now $1,000. Our most successful donations in the past have been experiences with both tangible and intangible value to meet this minimum (tour of the UN, private tour of the Met, tickets/back stage tour of a Broadway show).

Please email Laura Daly with your donation(s) or ideas you may have for donated experiences by March 21, with the following information in the email:

·      Item/Description

·      Number of people  (i.e., 4 tickets to a show, tour/lunch for 2)

·      Any timing restrictions (i.e. when available or black out dates)

·      Name/address/phone/email of donor

·      Value of item

·      A jpeg image of the item. (For example, photo of a work of art or a series of images of an apartment offered for a weekend getaway.)

Many thanks to all of you for helping us with this effort!