Review: Paul Taylor Troupe’s Dizzying New Palette Takes Shape

"In 'Beloved Renegade,' Mr. Taylor’s ode to Walt Whitman, they formed a lyrical society, guided by Michael Trusnovec, Laura Halzack and the heavenly voices of St. George’s Choral Society, in a live rendition of Poulenc’s 'Gloria.'"

Time Is On Paul Taylor’s Side: Live music, Michael Trusnovec and better acoustics combine for a stellar season

"Beloved Renegade is the greatest beneficiary of the live music now being heard at the Koch. Poulenc’s famous Gloria, with the orchestra under the baton of Taylor’s long-time musical collaborator Donald York, and sung by a superb soprano, Devon Guthrie, and the St. George’s Choral Society, has rarely sounded so beautiful. The audience response was ecstatic, as it’s been throughout the season."

What Is the Future for Modern-Dance Companies?

"One of the reasons that 'Beloved Renegade' packs such an emotional wallop is the music to which it is set: Francis Poulenc’s soaring “Gloria.” This season, for the first time since its creation, the dance will be accompanied by an orchestra (the excellent Orchestra of St. Luke’s, conducted by Donald York), augmented by St. George’s Choral Society and a solo soprano."