Dues cost $225 for the year, and are due by the second rehearsal after our break. Payment in full of outstanding dues is a condition for participation in any activity of St. George's Choral Society. If you sing for just fall or spring, dues are still $225. For 2018–2019, we are asking members to pay dues and for fall and spring scores by the second rehearsal. The total cost is $295. If this poses financial hardship, please speak with Artistic Director Matthew Lewis.

You may pay at rehearsal or online:

Each member is expected to sell or buy four tickets to each concert. You may pay for tickets at rehearsal or online:

Each member is expected to attend all rehearsals. Rehearsals for our fall concert are from 7:00–9:30 PM on Wednesday evenings at St. George's Chapel, 5 Rutherford Place, one block east of Third Avenue between 16th and 17th Streets. Attendance will be recorded at each rehearsal.

Music and Scores
It is the responsibility of each member to learn his/her part outside of rehearsal time. Markings to the score are supplied by the Music Director, Matthew Lewis, in rehearsal. It is the responsibility of each member to obtain markings that may have been dictated during a missed rehearsal. Scores will be available to purchase, and must be paid for by the second rehearsal. 

Volunteer Activities
St. George's Choral Society is an organization that exists because of the dedicated work of its volunteer members. Each member is expected to participate as a volunteer, including working on committees: refreshments, promotion and publicity, membership, concert mailings, receptions or ushering.

Concert Dress
MEN: All black street attire.
WOMEN: Long, black skirt or pants; black, long-sleeved, blouse/jacket; black shoes; and black socks or hose.
ALL: No jewelry or perfume.

Black folders are required for all concerts.