It's St. George's Choral Society Day!

The Proclamation. Click to enlarge.

Today is not just the day of our spring concert.

It's also officially "St. George's Choral Society Day" thanks to a proclamation from the Mayor's Office of the City of New York.

It concludes:

"In addition to keeping this musical tradition alive and empowering new generations of choristers, St. George's Choral Society has used music to pave the way to a better and brighter future for our communities. For two centuries, it has been enriching the cultural life and vitality of our great city, and today the Choral Society will celebrate the start of its 200th anniversary season with a performance of Antonin Dvorak's composition of Stabat Mater. I am proud to join in applauding all of its dedicated vocalists and supporters that are uniting New Yorkers in shared appreciation of choral music and look forward to many more years of exciting performances."